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Problem Users
05-29-2014, 01:06 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-29-2014, 06:23 AM by Sevion.)
Problem Users
In the past I have been beyond lenient on the rules and have given users an absurd number of chances. However within the past 6 months my niceness has been taken advantage of and has somehow been twisted into a users can do as they want without punishment mentality by a few users.

From this point on the strike bans are back in practice.

1st offense Jail.
2nd 3 day ban.
3rd 7 day ban.
4th 1 month ban.
5th 3 month ban
6th 6 month ban.
7th 1 year ban.

Most users will never see a ban or a jail its hard to get them. If your one of the problem users you know who you are (Someone whos constantly muted/banned by the system or by admin/mod for rule violations) IA will not turn into a game known for shittastic attitudes like so many others. This is not RWK, this is not your referral grounds for new games. Rules are in place for a reason, if you do not like them you do not bend them to your will your free to ask me why its in place, I will tell you why and your free to make suggestions to make them better. But it is not ok just to do as you please and tell Admins or Mods that because you are a paying user you can and will do what you want. The rules apply to everyone. If I see guilds of players causing these issues I will correct it via the guild. Almost every guild has a mod or GM within it (Usually the president or vice president) I actively encourage them to discourage these activities if they are being performed by cliques within your guild by removing them (Hell you can contact me about removing members without the guild war point hit from booting them if this will solve the issues occurring)

This issue will be solved one way or another, I don't like the attitude recently within IA and many other users don't like it either (Several users have removed themselves from the groups causing these issues already)

Rules updated Sept 20, 2007 (If you notice they havent changed in a LONG while)

Also I can and will remove users from private grounds within the game such as PMs and Guilds if they continue to be a persistent problem.
05-29-2014, 01:07 AM,
RE: Problem Users
If you believe you may have strikes against you you may PM me to ask what level you are at. Most do not though.

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