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New ability for the Dark Stranger
08-17-2017, 12:28 AM,
New ability for the Dark Stranger
I had a thought about the Dark Stranger and Beasts. For early to mid-game players he is helpful, but for late game players he's a bit useless, and his costs are insignificant.

How about a new ability, well two really, that would allow late game players to spend up some of their beast income? Both abilities reset a single beast to zero kills for the time period. The first one, costing 10 IEO's, 10 Sextillion Trillion credits, and 5,000 Phials would reset a random regular beast (FBFH, GoLG, Mant, Dac, Mel) to zero kills. The second one, costing 10 IEOs, 50 Sextillion Trillion credits, 10,000 Phials, 10,000 CC's, and 2 Strange Essences would reset the Uber count to 0.

This would make him some what more useful for mid to late game characters, and especially useful to late game and capped characters looking for things like primals, but at a cost that would still need to be clicked up for several hours.

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08-17-2017, 01:20 AM,
RE: New ability for the Dark Stranger
Two issues with this, the cost for the regular beasts there is astronomical. No ones spending that to get 50 Shard Dust back so I'll just be wasting time writing something like that in.

The second the uber beast, while people would reset that one that cap exists to prevent 1 person from taking all the beasts available that everyone needs. This would break that mechanic completely and make it so some never get the beasts they need. This has already been brought up as an issue with kingdoms and people who are unemployed or employed part time to give them more time on the game so to spread that issue into beasts also would be silly.

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