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Holiday Drawings Schedule
08-19-2017, 03:16 AM,
Holiday Drawings Schedule
As part of making the Sponsor positions, I'm attempting to have a better schedule for things and be a bit more transparent with drawings/contests so that users know exactly what they will be getting throughout the year of the sponsorship and so that one years sponsorship is not better than another's or atleast do our best to ensure that.

For that reason, I am releasing the holiday drawing schedule for the future.  Each year will have 4 drawings and will occur on the same holidays every year.

In the past, holiday drawings have just existed when they existed without any schedule.  Some years included 4th of july drawings while others didnt.  Some months drawings were bunched together as if they were almost back to back.  I have done my best to split it to 1 drawing per quarter and spread them out evenly.  For this certain drawings I've done in the past wont exist anymore and a new one will exist instead on a not so prominent holiday.

The following are our new holiday drawing schedule.

Tax 2-3 (February, March)

Sevions Birthday 5-6 (May, June)

Labor Day 8-9 (August, September)

Christmas 11-12 (November, December)

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