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Enchanted Timber
07-31-2018, 12:54 AM,
Enchanted Timber
Over the last few months it has occurred to me that there are ways of mass generating every resource, except enchanted timber. I have seen times where I am generating at least 100x more of every resource than enchanted timbers. Other than the beasts, or maybe something to tie into them, there needs to be a way to generate more timbers. Here are a couple ideas:

- Its own Arena drop for 1000-100,000 with a moderately low rarity (on Par with Strange Essences)
- An item that multiplies the Enchanted Walking Treant drop by something like 25-50.
- Another beast (Uber) that spawns in Time Temporal and above with 1,000x the drop of the Enchanted Walking Treant. It could have the same stats as something like the Immoral Soul Siphoner, and the same drop rate.

Just a couple of ideas to even out resource distribution...
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