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Number Compression
08-14-2018, 12:33 AM,
Number Compression
At this point I think I'm the only one having this issue, but in the near future more people might start having it as well. The numbers in my skills, combat damage, peon income, etc. are all just too big. In some cases this just merely makes thing look a little unsightly, such as the damage. But in others it is actually hampering my ability to function (such as the skill readout overlapping my teleport controls). And then there are the numbers that end up running off the side of the screen. I know that within the code there are certain limits, and the numbers I am now running might be pushing some of those limits.

So basically, I would suggest that there be some sort of compression on the larger numbers. I know you already did the Decillion for Kingdom Income, and Trillion for Credits, but I think we need to think bigger. Instead of trying to spell it out you can always use shorthand as well (Like UVg for Unvigintillion) or just use scientific notation (Such as 10^66 for Unvigintillion).

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09-29-2018, 01:00 AM,
RE: Number Compression
Apparently missed this post. I agree I'll have it done sometime this coming month for skills.

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